Hiking trails

Hotel Lago

Trekking Brunate-Torno

Departure: from Como, where you ascend to Brunate by funicular railway departing from the lakefront. You then reach the Blevio Mountains and Monte Piatto (where there is Crotto Montepiatto, a typical restaurant with local cuisine, where you can stop for lunch, enjoying the wonderful view of the Lake). For the descent to Torno, you can choose between a cart track and a stepped mule track. The travel time is about 2.30 hrs.


The Greenway of Lake Como is a walk of about 10 km to discover villages, hamlets, villas, gardens, Romanesque and Baroque churches, immersed in the beautiful landscape of the western shore of Lake Como (from Colonno to Griante), following in places the ancient Via Regina.

Possibility of accompaniment with local guides.

The Via dei Monti Lariani

The Via dei Monti Lariani is a path that takes seven to nine days to walk. It runs on the west side, from the north to the south shore of Lake Como. "Getting lost" is the key word in this adventure: on this route you really walk off the beaten path, sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

The Como Bellagio Ridge

The Larian Triangle ridge trek starts from Brunate and ends in Bellagio; it can be walked in the opposite direction without any problems.